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patient information

Thank you for choosing Arrhythmia Care Center and welcoming us into your life. Our team is here to provide you with comprehensive quality care in a personal, professional manner.


We understand that you are entrusting us with your care, so we are committed to exceeding your expectations! Below is a list of guidelines and resources to help make the most of your visit.

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your visit

After you have scheduled an appointment, you can complete the forms listed below at home. You also have the option to come in 15-20 minutes before your visit to complete the paperwork in our office. The required forms for your visit include the registration form, electronic prescribing and demographic form, history form, and patient consent form.


Below is a list of items that you should bring with you:


  • Photo identification, such as a driver's license

  • Insurance card(s)

  • A list of current medications you are taking (including over-the-counter medications, and any herbs, and other prescriptions. Please feel free to bring in the bottles if you are unsure)

  • Referral form (for HMO insurance, if required)

  • Relevant information about your surgical and medical history

  • Current pharmacy information


We need to know all of the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines, prescriptions, and dietary supplements such as vitamins or items ordered on Amazon. Please share any allergies and adverse reactions you have had to avoid reactions or illnesses to the medication.

If you have any questions about the directions on your medicine label, ask your pharmacist to explain them to you. We try our best to describe the possible side effects of medicines prescribed to you, but you can also ask your pharmacist.

If you are requesting a prescription refill, please make sure that our office has up-to-date pharmacy information to send your prescriptions to the correct pharmacy electronically. If you use more than one pharmacy, please indicate which pharmacy you would like us to use when requesting your refills.

Prescription Drugs


Click the file below to download the form. For new patients, you can also complete the New Patient Intake Form electronically by clicking the online button below.

New Patient Online Form
Informed Consent Online Form

New Patient Intake Form

Informed Consent for Remote Monitoring

EP Procedure Instructions

Device Discharge Instructions

Implantable Loop Recorder Discharge Instructions

Post Ablation Discharge Instructions


billing & insurance accepted

Arrhythmia Care Center accepts most insurance plans. If you don't have an insurance plan we participate in or are self-pay, you must pay at the time of your visit.


You must understand your insurance coverage. Please be sure that you verify that we are in your network, what out-of-network benefits you may have, and what your insurance covers. If you have questions about your coverage, please contact your insurance company with any questions before your appointment.


We accept checks, cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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